COPUS has grown into a dynamic and vital coalition through the hard work and passion of its participants and organizers. We are grateful to those who have offered support to this coalition and its efforts. To see the full list of COPUS supporters, click here.

Sponsor COPUS general operations including communication and promotional resources, overhead costs, Web site development, student internships or staff time. General sponsors will be featured on the COPUS Sponsor Web page and will be appropriately noted on COPUS marketing materials. Contributions may be monetary or in-kind.

Specific Program Support

Alternatively, you may sponsor a specific COPUS program or activity (in part or in whole as described below). Activity sponsors will have their organization's logo featured on COPUS Web site pages that pertain to the activity as well as promotional brochures/ materials.

COPUS Internships

Support an intern to assist with Coalition activities, marketing, and resource development. Donation may be monetary or inkind.

Public Web site for Year of Science 2009

Support development and construction of the public Web interface for the Year of Science 2009. THe Web site will highlight regional and national activities in support of the Year of Science 2009. Sponsors will be featured on the Year of Science 2009 Web site. Contributions may be monetary or in-kind.

COPUS Clarion

Support an edition of the COPUS Clarion, the monthly electronic newsletter of the COPUS network. Supporters will be appropriately noted on the issue. Exclusive sponsorship of an issue is available, as is exclusive sponsorship of an entire year's volume.

Amateur Hall of Fame

Support the development of a new Web site (accessible through the COPUS, Year of Science, and Understanding Science Web portals) that will highlight what individuals, not formally trained as scientists, contribute to scientific knowledge. Donations will directly support an intern to seek amateur stories for the Hall of Fame as well as technical Web development.

Education and Outreach Materials

Support the writing and production of education and outreach materials, including booklets, reports, posters, brochures, bookmarks, flyers, and banners that will be used to advance the activities and mission of COPUS.