You can help!

There are lots of ways to get involved in this grassroots coalition, from the most passive to the most active. Take a look below to learn more.


Watch what we do:

If you are not quite ready for active involvement, then just keep an eye on what COPUS is up to. COPUS shares its activities with the community in various ways and you have several options:

Sign up for COPUS updates-- Just provide your email address to receive an occasional email from us letting you know what COPUS is doing. You can opt out at any time.

Networking-- Click here to join our Facebook group or Fan page and stay in touch with topics and issues that others in the community find of interest.

Read our blog in which members of the COPUS community share their activities and ideas.


Jump in and help:

Remember, there is strength in numbers! COPUS is composed of a growing community of organizations and individuals all of whom care about promoting good science. You can become part of the community by registering as a member of COPUS. Just click on the button below that best describes who you are. That will take you to a simple registration form. Once you have registered, COPUS can connect you with others in your region with whom you may want to collaborate!


Catalyze and connect:

The COPUS community is involved in a variety of efforts - locally, regionally and nationally - and your energy and expertise may be just what is needed to strengthen connections in your area. You can take on a more active, leadership role in several ways:

    Facilitate regional dialog -- Within the COPUS network, numerous regional hubs have coalesced to form locally-based communities of COPUS participants and science stakeholders. They work together within a designated geographic region to promote and celebrate science. To learn more about COPUS regional hubs...

    Initiate an activity in your community -- Since its inception, COPUS has been all about sharing ideas -- many of which have resulted in activities that have been replicated by others within their communities. To learn more about these programs...

    Host or support -- a national grassroots activity in your area.

    Meet the COPUS Core - send an email to anyone on the Core and ask how you can support their activities.

Support the Team

Support the team:

COPUS is a dynamic and vital coalition through the hard work and passion of its participants and organizers. Although it remains grassroots in nature, every vibrant community needs a little financial help!